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Williamsburg Iowa Sesquicentennial - 2007

More of Norman Morgan's photo collection of early settlers in Williamsburg. Previous Page Next Page

  • John Williams
  • Lewis- South Ridge- Jones
  • Lewis Williams-Annie Stephen's Uncle
  • Lewis Williams' Daughters
  • Lizzie and Jennie Davis
  • Maggie Vaughn
  • Mary (Mrs. David A.) Jones
  • Mary Ellen Evans
  • Mary J. Jones
  • Will Matson
  • John Williams
  • John Williams
  • Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Ogden
  • Mrs. John Williams
  • Mrs. John Williams
  • Mrs. Powell and her Mother
  • Mrs. Rolland Davis
  • Neva and Ida Edwards holding Norman and Claris
  • G.W. Perry's Grandmother
  • Pruthence Matson
  • Rolland Davis
  • Sam Evans
  • Sam Evans
  • Susie Davis
  • Thomas J. and Ann Jones (taken in Wales)
  • Thomas O. Jones
  • Tommie Jones
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