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Williamsburg Iowa Sesquicentennial - 2007

This collection of photographs were shared by Norman Morgan. Mr. Morgan's mother was born in Williamburg as Claris Jones. His family has been traced to Troy township along Old Man's Creek with William Evans and his wife Sarah Evans. There are many unidentified photographs in this collection.  If you can identify any of them, please contact the Sesquicentennial Office at 319-668-1651 or e-mail. For optimum viewing maximize your screen. Click boxes under thumbnails for more photos.  Next Page

  • Abram Thomas
  • Anna Leortz
  • Anna Leortz
  • Annie Stephens and Jennie Sherman
  • Claris Effie Jones
  • Claire Lortz
  • David Hughes
  • David Jones-son of Clark Jones
  • David A. Jones and unidentified man
  • David O. Jones
  • Ed- Butcher- Jones
  • Ed Evans and Ed Williams
  • Ed Smith
  • Ella Jones Henry
  • Evan J. Evans
  • Fanny Lee
  • Griff Williams
  • Gus Thomas
  • Henry Davis
  • Henry Davis
  • Henry Ogden
  • Henry Williams
  • Irwin Williams
  • Jennie, D.G. and John Jones
  • Jennie Rollings
  • John B. Hughes
  • John B. Hughes
  • John- Middle House - Jones
  • John Pritchard
  • John Watkins
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